The four blood moons - Aura Azul from Puerto Rico プエルトリコ発の正統派パワーメタル

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今回紹介するバンドはご存知の方も多いとは思いますが、プエルトリコ出身の正統派メロディックパワーメタルバンドの「Aura Azul」です。
2014年10月5日にニューアルバム「The four blood moons」のデジタル配信がスタートする模様で、少し情報が入ったので紹介いたします。
前作の「Beyond the Doors of Time(2012)」が日本でも好評で、今回はさらに磨きがかかったサウンドを届けてくれそうです!

まずは「Aura Azul」について。メンバーは、Gabriel Velez - Vocals / Hommy Torres - Guitars,vocals / Josue Estremera - Guitars / Xavier Ocasio - Bass / Wampa Zayas - Drumsの5人。
2003年にプエルトリコで結成。前身バンドはHommyのProwler Wraith(1993-)というバンドだそう。Iron MaidenやLizzy Borden・Helloween・King Diamondなどの影響を受けている。

Newアルバム「The four blood moons」のトレイラーが届いているのでどうぞ!


“They possessed lots of energy and they captivated the crowd,Lead vocalist Edgar impressed many with his voice and commanded everyone's attention. The band's blatant Maiden inspiration shined through, from Hommy's guitar solos to Emma's galloping bass playing.”
Liu, Grave music review -Iron Maiden Opening

“Aura Azul is flying the flag for Puerto Rican Metal and is probably one of the best from the island dependency.”
— Rhys, True cult heavy metal

“One of the high points of the album its the guitar passages and most of the vocals, Hommy and Moe deliver the goods while Edgar screams his way trough the songs.”
— Zach, Spirit of Metal

“There’s an epic vibe that makes it impact upon you much in the same way as Maiden does.”
— Victim of Deception, Spirit of Metal
“AURA AZUL is at the beginnig of his career and this album serves to show their potential to the world.”
— Raskal, Metal Integral

“Aura Azul es el heavy metal clásico, con letras épicas, riffs melódicos y baterías galopantes. ”

Aura Azul

The four blood moonsトラックリストは、
The four blood moons
Kingdom of Alefgard
King of thorns Altar of light
The day the rose died
A woman rides a beast
The lesser the mind
Build my boat
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